Coupon Lingo

Couponing comes with its own language.  Even the word ‘couponing’ is not recognized by spellcheck.  So as you are learning the ropes, you are going to see abbreviations and terms that may as well be in a foreign language.  I recommend printing this list and keeping it handy so you have an “interpreter” available!


Blinkie  –  A dispenser of coupons near the product that has a flashing light, and sometimes talks to you!

BOGO/B1G1, B2G1, etc  –  Buy one/get one free, etc

Catalina  –  Sometimes called a “Cat” or “Your Bucks”.  These are manufacturer’s (but sometimes store) coupons that print out next to the register after your purchase.

Doubler/Doubles/Doubling–   Some stores will double a manufacturer coupon by a certain amount.  A ‘doubler’ is the actual paper coupon.  In Oregon and SW Washington, Safeway and Albertsons each offer a form of doubling.  Details about how these work are linked in the store names.

Hang Tag –  A coupon that is hung around the neck of a bottle, that you can use on the spot!

Insert  –  The coupons that come in your Sunday paper.  Red Plum, Smart Source and Proctor and Gamble are the 3 inserts.

IP, Internet Printable–  Coupons you print off the internet, from sites such as, and

MFR –  Manufacturer

MIR  – Mail-In Rebate.  These can take up to 6-8 weeks to come, but can be worth the wait!

Money maker (MM)   –  A deal that nets you a gain.  This usually involves a catalina, MIR, or other store discount.  You don’t usually get actual cash back.

MQ  –  Manufacturer Coupon.  60% of these come in the Sunday Paper.

NLA  –  No Longer Available – referring to internet coupons that have reached their print limit

ONYO –  On Your Next Order (or purchase)

OOP–  The total Out Of Pocket you spend on a purchase.  This is usually the actual dollar amount you spend, not including catalinas or rebates.

Overage   –   When the amount of your coupons exceeds the amount of the items purchased.   Overage is handled differently by different stores, so check your store’s coupon policy to see how they handle this.

Peelie –  A coupon that is stuck to a product, that you peel off and can use on the spot!

PGProctor & Gamble’s monthly coupon circular, usually around the first of the month – HUGE savings here

Q   Shorthand for “coupon”

Raincheck –  A slip the store gives you that hold the sale price of an item when it is out of stock

Rolling  –  A term used at Walgreens when you use a Register Reward to pay for another Register Reward purchase.

RP  – Red Plum, a weekly circular in the Sunday paper.

RR  –  Register Rewards – Wags version of Catalinas that you can use towards purchases.

SCR –  Single Check Rebate.  A monthly rebate program offered by Rite Aid.

SS  –  SmartSource, a weekly circular that comes in the Sunday Paper.

Stacking  –  Combining a store and manufacturer coupon together to increase savings.  Store policies vary on how this is handled.

Stockpile  –  Your own personal “store” of food and products that you get at rock bottom prices.   You only need 3 – 6 months’ worth, not a lifetime’s supply of mustard! 😀

Store Coupon –  A coupon that is put out by the store, that you can only use at that store.  It can be a coupon, a catalina, or a Doubler.  Can usually be stacked with a Manufacturer Coupon.

Tearpad –  Usually located near the product, it is a stack of coupons that hangs off the shelf and you can tear off to use now or later!

TQ   –  Target Coupon (this is usually seen on Totally Target’s blog)

Twice The Value (TTV) –  Albertson’s doublers.  Details about these are in a separate post.

UPC –  Universal Product Code, the bar code on a coupon

+UP Rewards  –  Rite Aid’s catalina program.  Similar to Walgreens RRs.

Wags   –  Short for Walgreens.

WYB  –  When You Buy .  Ex:  “$2 each WYB 2”, or “get free __ WYB __”

YMMV  –  Your Mileage May Vary.  Meaning the deal may vary by area, or even by store branches.


Did I miss one?  (Or 2)?  Leave a comment!


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