Newspaper Deals

Get an exclusive deal on The Oregonian newspaper when you host or attend one of our classes!

You can now get up to 5 subscriptions delivered to your home every Wednesday and Sunday, for the incredible price of $1.00 per paper!  Each 26 week subscription is $26.00*.  This is an exclusive deal you can only get by attending a FREE coupon class, taught in your home, church, or place of business!  Go to our Classes page to host a class or sign up to attend one of our Events.

*Note: This exclusive deal is only available to residents of Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, and parts of Columbia and Yamhill Counties.  However, anyone is welcome to attend a class!

Know someone in another state that would benefit from a great paper deal?  Similar deals are available in parts of California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and Utah!  Contact us for details!

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