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My daughter and I walking at Relay for Life in 2010.


It’s that time of year again. We are all trying to get in shape again for our summer activities.  I have gained some weight over the last couple of years(gasp.)  I am determined to get back to the weight I was in 2010. I have found some extra motivation.

How many of you have dreamed of earning money for exercising?  If only we got paid for working out.  Well now you can earn points through Walgreens Steps with Balance Rewards.

I wanted to tell you about this fantastic program at Walgreens, because it’s yet another way we can save money off our grocery bill every month and create healthy habits at the same time.  As a couponer, I need to stay in good shape, so I can swoop in and grab those deals before the store knows what hit them.  🙂

How does all of this work?  You simply sign up at Walgreens.com and then start logging your miles for running, walking, cycling and more.  Earn even more points by logging your weight, blood pressure and sugar readings.  Walgreens takes it a step further and makes it extremely easy allowing members to link devices and apps like Body Media, Fit Bit or Runkeeper to automatically log those miles for you.

For every mile you earn 20 Balance Rewards points. Weighing in earns you 20 points. Even connecting a device or app will earn you extra points.  You can turn those points into rewards at the store.  1,000 Balance Rewards points equals $1.00 off your next purchase.  5,000 points is $5 off.   Use them to reward yourself or to buy something you need, like pads for the blisters you get from walking all those miles. You can opt to use those points when you like, so if you want, you can save up for something really special.

What are you doing to motivate yourself this year?  Are you earning with other programs? Let us know in the comments below.



**I am not an affiliate or employee of Walgreens. This post is about my personal experience using the program.  Terms and Conditions of the Steps with Balance Rewards program are posted on http://www.walgreens.com.





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