New Feature – Oregonian Coupon Insert Lists!!

😳 I have been there!  How about you?  😳 

If you have taken classes with me before, you know that I do not clip all of  my coupons.  I use a clipless system of couponing.  What is a clipless system?  Well, I don’t clip out  my coupons until I need them. I keep my inserts whole and put them in a binder.  Some people use a box, expandable file or just keep them in a filing cabinet.  In order to find coupons, I use match up lists from several coupon blogs and keep an excel file on my phone to use in the store.  I  like to print out a copy of each inserts coupons to put in the front of my binder, just in case my phone isn’t working in the store.

Anyhow, I used to be able to get copies of  coupon insert lists from another site, but they haven’t had a volunteer in our area for over a year. I fell way behind on typing the lists up.  It is a ton of work.  I have recently found a much more efficient way to create the lists.  I hope to share that information with you in the near future.  Anyhow, in the meantime, I will be sharing my lists with you.  Over the next week, you will probably see a lot of posts from me as I add current and previous insert lists to the site.

I will be posting 2 PDF files for each insert. One sorted by coupon from A – Z and one sorted by expiration date.  If the expiration dates are all the same you will only see one copy.  The lists may not contain all the expired coupons, as I clean my binder out quite often. The lists are compiled from the Oregonian. Some areas may have slightly different coupons.  On occasion, I will get inserts from my mom, who lives in Gresham, that are different from the ones I received.  I live in Milwaukie about 30 minutes from her.  If you live in another area of the country, your coupons will probably be different, quite possibly better than ours.  😆 Please feel free to print these off for your binders.  I will also give you a link to my excel file, if you would like to download it to your phone for searching in the store.  I use Dropbox on my phone to keep the list available and up to date.

Please keep in mind, I am the only one creating the lists. I hope to get them to you fairly quickly.  However, there may be times when the lists are delayed. The October 2nd lists will be delayed until the 5th of November.  I will try to keep you informed if lists will be delayed.  I hope these lists will be helpful.  Enjoy!!




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