Swagbucks Super Savings Sweepstakes



If you’re looking for a few ways to save AND get a chance to receive 10,000 SB, there isn’t usually an opportunity to do both… until now! Swagbucks has brought back the Super Savings Sweepstakes! As if you needed another reason to love using coupons, Swagbucks has made it even more rewarding.

Here’s how the Super Savings Sweepstakes works: For every Swagbucks Coupon you print, you’ll automatically be entered into the Super Savings Sweepstakes, to win one of 10 prizes of 10,000 SB! Not only goes that mean you get multiple entries (for each coupon you print), but 10 prizes means you have even more chances to win. Even better,  for every Swagbucks Coupon you redeem, you will earn 10 swagbucks.

Entries started on May 19th and you can continue to get entries through the end of Monday, June 30th (Pacific Time). This sweepstakes is open to US Swagbucks members only, and all randomly chosen winners will be announced by July 14th.

Want to save some money, get Swag Bucks for your coupons, plus get in the drawing for 10,000 SB? Sign up here.

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